Wonderful Exciting Brilliant News Extravaganza

So as you can probably tell from the title, my absence the past few weeks was not because I’ve been having a crisis (shocker I know), I actually have some fantastic news!


I got a job! I won’t share too much about it, because I found a website where you can send a brick to someone in the post and ever since I’ve been scared that will happen to me.

Besides a twitter fight with a Trump troll, and revision revision revision, then an exam, then copious amounts of alcohol after the exam, then glorious nothingness I haven’t done much…just realising that I’ve actually done quite a lot this week.

But last week- last week was eventful. After my exam I decided to visit my parents to be fed and watered, and of course for puppy-cuddles, and I had two phone calls which caused very contrasting emotions.

One was a call from my auntie telling me that my grandmother had been in a car crash (she is absolutely fine, and she crashed into a parked car so thankfully no one else was injured either) and then I got a call from a media monitoring company in Edinburgh who I went for an interview with the week before last and…THEY OFFERED ME A JOB!

I know- mixed bag of info. That phone call from me must have been an emotional rollercoaster for my mum.

After calling various family members etc. and telling them both bits of news and getting any info about my nan that I could, my parents came home and we confirmed that my grandmother was fine and my mum drove down to get her the next day and she spent the next week with us.

After we knew she was fine, the obvious ‘stealing my thunder’ jokes commenced and my parents were obviously thrilled about my job.

So come Monday morning, I will be moving to Edinburgh and on Tuesday I will be starting my new job!

I am really excited- I went to school in Edinburgh and it’s one of my favourite cities, and after my interview a few weeks ago I really wanted that job; if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I’ve been stressed about this since Canada.

So that’s my wonderful news!

I am definitely going to continue blogging- I really enjoy it, and I love being part of the blogging community.

Apologies for the brief post but it’s Chinese food and horror film time; I hope you like the song I’ve chosen for this week- it’s not exactly a groundbreaking choice, but I think it’s a really cheerful song, so enjoy!

Happy National Rosé Day- grab a bottle and a straw and do me proud!

Lucy ❤

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