Sublime Self-Care Tips

Last week my blog post was about how I am bad at looking after myself; anyone who has had a mental illness or a low point/ has seen a decent healthcare professional will know how important self-care is, not just in terms of physical but mental health as well. Now my reason for writing this... Continue Reading →

Pointless Ponderings

Hello lovely people of the internet on this fine day! There have been interesting developments this week that weren't necessarily dramatic but will absolutely lead to drama (Yaaaaaaaay.). It has been brought to my attention that I am genuinely terrible at looking after myself. Between my IBS making my stomach feel like a pit of snakes... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Scatalogical

Hi guys and gals and everything in between or outwith. Apologies to the squeamish ones reading this, it might not be your cup of pepto bismol. Well I ended up going to Edinburgh with my parents, and I decided to stay until Friday while they went home on Wednesday. It was a good but uneventful couple... Continue Reading →

And this week on Hoarders…

So a few nights ago I decided that it was time for a good clear out. After years of back and forth between boarding school, college, then uni my room was beginning to resemble the inside of my handbag, so I decided to nip it in the bud and clean my room. I put on... Continue Reading →

The Cheekiest Nando’s Ever

Hello lovelies! Ironically after my last blog post being a very boring list of things I'm stressed out about, less than 4 hours later I am back with another anecdote of what not to do in your twenties, specifically, what not to do if you are at university, or college- now I'm thinking about it... Continue Reading →

Stressed-Out Student Stresses

Dear Diary- whoops I mean hello lovely followers! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I wonder how many posts are going to start with that this year? Hey I'm in my final year of uni give me a break. Speaking of my final year of uni- stress stress stress stress stress. Let me just... Continue Reading →

The V in V-Day Stands for Valium

(All picture credit goes to Loryn Brantz please don't sue me I'll cry) So for Valentine's Day this year I got antidepressants. I'm not even kidding, I had to pick up my prescription on V-Day...which also happened to be the day I turned 22. Yay. I did actually have a great day. I went for lunch,... Continue Reading →

Curiouser and Curiouser

Odd news-  think I might be feeling something...Or I'm too caffeinated and too tired at the same time. I just went out to get some wine, and as I was walking back I started thinking about how most people don't need crutches. Alcohol, comfort food, TV binge watches. They can cope without them. I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

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