The Adventures of a Sleepy Insomniac

Good morning from a very sleepy Lucy! Or good afternoon/evening/witching hour depending on where you are! Apologies for my radio silence for the last couple of weeks but they have been busy! I did work experience at a publishing agency that I have mixed reviews for. They were very friendly, but when I arrived and I... Continue Reading →

Nasty Woman Blogging

Hi boys and girls and everything in-between and outwith! Apologies for my lack of blogging lately, but I have been one busy girl! Last weekend I travelled to London for a journalism course with the Guardian and honestly, it was a fantastic experience. I did a course on writing when I was around 16 and... Continue Reading →

Future Brain Farts

(All picture credits go to Sarah Andersen) Ok so for some reason (probably the ungodly amount of caffeine and sugar I've consumed today) I have a real fire in my belly today. I want to get planning. At this point I have more or less decided that I want to be a writer or publisher, and... Continue Reading →

New Year, Gin Hangover

New year, new me! Just kidding, I'm wonderful already, now onto the actual news. Despite my tradition of not making New Year resolutions because nobody likes a sober, skinny bitch anyway, I've actually got a very exciting year ahead of me. I'll (knock on wood) be graduating uni, hopefully get a 2:1 (must remember to... Continue Reading →

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

I experienced my very own Christmas miracle yesterday. No, no one got cured from cancer, it didn't snow while I was proposed to by Ryan Gosling, and I didn't meet J. K. Rowling. It was, if possible, better than anything else that has ever happened. A brilliant highlight in the history of human events. I'll... Continue Reading →

Heartfelt Goodbyes

So the very reason I began this blog is now coming to a close. It's time for me to go home. I began this blog as a way of documenting my term abroad in Canada and it kind of spiralled into a poetry/diary/political commentary blog. A lot has happened in the past four months. I... Continue Reading →

Uppity Updates

(All picture credit goes to Sarah Andersen- dear god please don't sue me) Ok people, this is an unscheduled break from our usual content, I'm writing in actual prose! Yay! So I've being writing and publishing some poetry lately- it began as an emotional outlet and is surprisingly the most successful thing I've published! I originally... Continue Reading →

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