New Year, Gin Hangover


New year, new me!

Just kidding, I’m wonderful already, now onto the actual news.

Despite my tradition of not making New Year resolutions because nobody likes a sober, skinny bitch anyway, I’ve actually got a very exciting year ahead of me.

I’ll (knock on wood) be graduating uni, hopefully get a 2:1 (must remember to make that pact with Satan), and I’ll be applying for journalism masters courses.

I’m also planning, or rather my mum’s planning some trips with the family, and I’m looking into some solo ones too. I’m planning on inter railing this summer; so far my planned destinations are Paris, Rome and Florence. More might be added to this list as I’m hopefully going for a month, so watch this space!

I also have a journalism course in a couple of weeks, and a week of work experience at the end of January in a publishing house in Edinburgh, so all very exciting things!

I was actually planning on finding someone to go inter railing with at my mother’s behest, but when I suggested bringing one of my friends, she looked a little glum. I think she’d rather I took a boy, but short of making use of a mail-order boyfriend service, I don’t have many plans to get a significant other- I have a dissertation to write, 14000 words might make it hard for me to go speed dating.

I planned this blog post on my phone, drunk on New Years Eve and I’ve actually written ‘I want burgers’ as a point of interest. Drunk Lucy has fantastic priorities. Or maybe that’s a resolution- if so I stand corrected, New Year resolutions can be fantastic if you let them.

I also waxed poetical about Elizabeth Bennett (?) and how I should give the romantic notion of new beginnings a chance…drunk Lucy is surprisingly optimistic, it’s good to know that even drunk I can still acknowledge the brilliance of Jane Austen.

I will hopefully be getting antidepressants next week, I’ll at least be seeing a doctor, so that’s something. With any luck this will be the year I get my head together.

But don’t worry, I can’t see myself getting my shit together any time soon- baby steps!

Happy New Year- hope most of you are over your hangovers by now! And remember, it’s not still the holidays but having chocolate for breakfast is completely acceptable- fuck the system!

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