Hi boys and girls it's story time! So some of you who've read earlier posts will know that I had to resit my final year of a-levels. I spent a lot of time wondering why. Was it my mental health? My teachers? A bad exam? Bad marker? Laziness? Burnout? Stupidity? Just me effortlessly screwing things up... Continue Reading →

Frantic Future Freak Outs

It has come to my attention that I haven't written a post in a little while; I wish I could say that it was because I was busy, but in between revision and lectures I've just been relaxing and having a good old existential crisis. So as you can probably tell by the above gif,... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Taste of Freedom

We are taking a break from our normally scheduled panic-rant blog today because I handed in my dissertation! (I honestly feel confetti guns go off inside my head whenever I say that.) After all of that stress and angst about deadlines and essays etc. I actually handed in all of my work on time and handed... Continue Reading →

Millenial Panics about Politics

(Picture credit to Sarah Andersen) Hello blogosphere! I am interrupting our usual scheduled blogging to talk about politics again. I'll admit I am starting to panic a little, and I'm not sure if that's the norm for someone who is informed about politics or if it is a genuine response to what could potentially be very... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Firemen and Caffeine

(Picture by Loryn Brantz for Buzzfeed. Not mine. Didn't draw it, not mine. Haha please don't sue me I'm a student) Ok so fantastic news; I'm caffeinated and I just watched the Gilmore Girls Revival trailer so I'm excited...or I'm doing that hyper-focused thing people with ADD do (still haven't been to the doctor's, don't... Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Blues

Hello poor humans who had the unfortunate luck to stumble across my blog. I'll warn you, it's R rated (not X rated because I might swear a lot but I'm not THAT cool), and contains stories of cynicism, high anxiety and the everyday mumblings of a 21 year old who lacks direction. I'm excited, are... Continue Reading →

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