The Sweet Taste of Freedom


We are taking a break from our normally scheduled panic-rant blog today because I handed in my dissertation!

(I honestly feel confetti guns go off inside my head whenever I say that.)

After all of that stress and angst about deadlines and essays etc. I actually handed in all of my work on time and handed in my dissertation a day early. And now? All of my deadlines are finished, everything’s in- I just have an audition for being my graduation speaker (eeep!) and two exams and….that’s it.

I will have finished university. I’m still stressed about getting a 2:1, but nothing can bring me down from this high. I’ve got a revision group planned with some friends (the ones from my Cheekiest Nando’s Ever post, so be prepared for more food/alcohol-related hijinks), I’ve got a university ball on Friday, which I still need to get a dress for, but it’s setting up to be a really great week!

I don’t have to feel guilty about pausing to eat, watching TV, or sleeping! I know people might think I’m overreacting but that is genuinely how it feels the week before your dissertation deadline.

I’ve not got any plans set in stone for next year (if anyone wants to pop up and offer me a job, that would be great), but I’m ok with that for the time being. Honestly, after my dissertation was handed in, I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders.

So that was a fairly boring, albeit extremely happy, update. Stay tuned for next week’s drunken antics with a bunch of rowdy history students and stress about finding a dress (hey that rhymed)!

Happy Sunday- hope none of you get hypothermia from drinking pimms outside in the “sun.”

Lucy :p

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