Naked Pictures of Chris Pratt! (Just kidding, stop frantically clicking)


Okay this should sate you a little bit- happy now?

Bonjour mes amis! Yes, that is all the French I know, and yes I am in a French speaking city. But let’s focus less on my lack of ability in French and more on my failings as a person. Because they’re funnier.

Now after all my angsty posts about missing home and my anxiety, hopefully this is a slight palate cleanser. No one seemed to like the tourist Montreal blogs, so in the spirit of ‘live and learn’ I’m going to post some mediocre goings on in my life instead!

Firstly, as usual, until something scares me into working I am procrastinating hard. But real, actual, proper, graded work starts next week so expect a stressed out blog where I argue that university is mean and scary and puts too much pressure on students later on in the week. But for now I’m feeling pretty fab.

Doing worry, I’m sure the anxiety will hit soon.


But I’ve posted twice to I’ll leave a link below for those who want a peek- and despite having no likes I have gained 2 followers- TWO!

Now those with more followers might be a tad underwhelmed but it genuinely makes my day when I get follows, because it’s not like Facebook where someone is essentially agreeing to allow their life to be dissected by old classmates, partly because they want to do the exact same thing. I say that like I don’t talk about almost every aspect of my life on this blog. No, this means that people actually thought my writing and my blog was worth reading- they are actually ok with me popping up in their email when I post! That’s pretty cool.

Also, I’ve noticed that I’m getting more blog traffic on mytrendingstories than on here. It could be because it’s a start up, or maybe because I’ve only posted twice and they haven’t realised how boring I am yet. But hey ho, views are views.

Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to write about i.e. drunken escapades pretty soon because it’s nearly the weekend and what is a week of procrastination without a heavy dose of intoxication? Responsible? Haha, no.

I’m also planning a trip to Niagara Falls in a couple of weeks with a fellow scot so stay tuned for Scottish escapades and potentially deadly adventures near giant waterfalls!

Hope all my followers (all 8 of you- woo!) are well, and that any potential followers don’t take my overuse of exclamation points as a reason not to follow me, I promise that I can be apathetic and depressing too! (another exclamation point there, my bad)

Au Revoir (Aaaaaand I’m not even sure I spelt that right)

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