The Internal Monologue of a Brazen Woman


Now that crazy midterm essay season is over, I can get back to my full time career of ranting on the internet!

I’ve had a few mental health developments- I haven’t been to the doctor yet because I’ve just been too busy, but I think that I may also have ADD which would explain a lot, so a mental health evaluation will hopefully be done on tuesday(ish). Hopefully.

But the main reason I was so busy think week was because my parents visited!

It was actually really nice to see them, and bar a few bickering arguments because they were tired and I was hungry, everything ran surprisingly smoothly.

My mother is a feeder- as in if she loves you, you will be fed. Everywhere. Any time, any place- you will be fed. So now I’m nursing a food hangover and contemplating which series to binge watch.

Not a very exciting blog I’m afraid, but I am going out tonight, so should I happen to do something stupid (because that never happens) I will report back.

In other news I’m getting a bit nervous about politics and the state of the world. I try to avoid putting politics on my blog because I don’t want to invite trolls or complicate what I’m trying to do, which is document my life in the run up to finding a job and starting a ‘real’ life.

However, I read a post about Donald Trump on my other blog site a few weeks ago and it infuriated me, so I decided to write a reply- as always (and because I’m pathetic and I want followers) I’ll copy a link to the post when it’s done so stay tuned.

I’m also going to try and write some articles for buzzfeed because I really want to apply for a job there, so we’ll see how that goes, and if nothing happens, then at least I’ll have a formal article available on the internet.

Hope everyone who has read this very boring post to the end gets pizza tonight (unless you’re lactose intolerant or coeliac- that would be mean), and that you find your one true TV show (I’d say love but I’m a cynic when it comes to that stuff…but again, stay tuned; you never know)!

Happy Saturday!


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