Pointless Ponderings


Hello lovely people of the internet on this fine day! There have been interesting developments this week that weren’t necessarily dramatic but will absolutely lead to drama (Yaaaaaaaay.).

It has been brought to my attention that I am genuinely terrible at looking after myself. Between my IBS making my stomach feel like a pit of snakes regardless of how healthy I eat, I often either don’t eat until 3pm or until I’m aching with hunger because it is preferable to feeling like there’s a bowling ball in my stomach. By this point I’m often so hungry that I don’t make the best food choices.

Between the constant bloating and the lack of motivation that comes from my depression, exercise doesn’t really happen. I also sleep too much, or too little. I mess up my sleeping pattern on a weekly basis and generally spend to much time in/on my bed.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about my upcoming gastroenterologist appointment and my appointment with the doctor the day after, and I had one very clear thought; I need to get my health sorted.

I have been taking steps since I got back from Canada to be a bit healthier in my food choices- I’m graduating soon and I can’t eat like a student forever, but I am currently always sick and sluggish- I don’t know if this is because of my stomach problems, or my depression or a winning combination of the two, but it sucks… Actually it could just be my personality but we’re going to pretend that is an impossibility for the sake of my barely-hanging-on-by-a-thread sanity, OK?

So yesterday I went to the gastroenterologist and because I live in the arse-end of buttfucking nowhere I had to take the bus to the nearest one, I would have driven (yes mum I know you read these and I would have driven) but I haven’t driven much since coming back from Canada and I wasn’t sure if I would have blood tests and driving after a blood test isn’t the best plan.

Anyway, like I’m sure everyone reading this has already predicted, I got lost on the way to the hospital, because of course I did. I did make it to my appointment on time and I shit you not (pun intended) I’ve never talked about my bodily functions in such a blasé way for so long before. Anyhoo, I need to poo in a tube and send it off and I need to have a colonoscopy to check for Crohn’s disease etc. because I have autoimmunity so they have to rule out any such illnesses. Please, take a moment to be jealous of my very glamorous life.

Moving swiftly onwards; I just came back from a doctor’s appointment and I have a doctor’s note for uni and a brand new prescription for a different type of antidepressant! Yay? This feels like a weird thing to be excited about? Time will tell if these work.

Sidenote: I went to a new doctor instead of Doctor Dickhead, and this doctor wasn’t as weird, condescending or unwilling to treat me as Doctor Dickhead but she was a bit curt. Do doctors not get training for this sort of thing? Do I have a ‘I have a mental illness please be rude to me’ sign on my forehead? *Sigh* I do have bad luck with doctors. She did, however, write me a note for uni which means that I might be able to ask for an extension on some work if I desperately need one. It’s just a precaution but better safe than sorry.

That’s all from me; back to uni on Sunday and then it’s a straight shot until dissertation hand in and exams…. I’m not a nervous wreck, you’re a nervous wreck!

If everything in politics could calm the fuck down until my dissertation is in, that would be bloody fantastic.

Lucy 🙂

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