Exciting Times!

So I have an exam tomorrow and I’m… writing a blog post. This my second last ever exam, so this is all pretty exciting, but possibly even more exciting is that I’ve started thinking about what to do with my blog once I’m done with uni.


Now, the main reason I began blogging was because I wanted to chronicle my trip to Canada/my final year of uni. Most of the time my posts don’t really have a subject, I just ramble and get some stuff off my chest- if I feel strongly about something I might write about that, but besides that my blog posts are fairly aimless. Then I choose a semi-related picture/gif, tag them and upload them.

But when my degree is done I won’t have to justify spending so much time on here! This means that I can write more often, and I can write about things I wouldn’t usually have time to cover- especially important subjects which need to be treated with care. So I will probably be shifting in focus a little- the writing style/pics will probably be the same but I’ll try and write about different things.

I’ve got a little list below and I’d love it if you have any requests or anything you would like me to talk about, or want more people in general to talk about, or if you’re doing something similar and have any blogposts that I could read then please let me know in the comments.

Without further ado: The list!

  • Periods (This will of course be a gender-neutral discussion- all genders who menstruate are welcome, as are those who don’t and just want to learn a little)
  • Books (Reviews etc.)
  • Film (Again reviews, favourites etc.)
  • Shopping hauls (home/fashion/makeup)
  • Body Positivity
  • Travel

Please let me know which ones of these are your favourite, or let me know what content you would like to see! I’m completely open to writing/learning about new things.

I’m also planning on adding a song to every post from now on for you guys to listen to as you read, see the first song at the top and enjoy!

Have a great pre-monday evening, if anyone needs me I’ll be reading Dido’s death scene in the Aeneid and attempting to make my feminist rants about it sound eloquent before my exam tomorrow!

Happy “take your parents to the playground day”! Fair warning: you’ll have to lure mine there with wine, but still feel free to try.

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