June Favourites

Hello guys and dolls!

It’s time for another monthly favourites list! Last month got away from me a bit and I didn’t end up doing one for May, so I’ll try my best to make this one really good!

If you click on the pictures it’ll take you to where you can buy the product online in the UK, happy shopping!

If you have any favourites or products you think I should try, let me know in the comments!


Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle


I love this perfume. It’s one of those scents which really settles into your clothes and skin and combines with your natural scent. It’s really light and quite sweet but not sickly, perfect for summer.

I am fussy as hell when it comes to perfume and scents in general; one whiff of the wrong smell and I get a headache and nausea (first world problems) but this scent is really lovely.

It is a bit a pricey but a little of this goes a long way so use it sparingly and it’ll last for months on end.


Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air 


Longterm readers of my blog (hi lovelies!) will know that I work very early shifts usually, so I’m always looking for ways to look and feel awake when I have early starts, including eye drops and now this spray!

It’s a toner; you just spray some on your face and the scent and blast of cold water is really refreshing. If you feel like your makeup is a bit cakey, it’s also good for softening it as it dampens the products and they seep more into the natural contours of your face as they dry, making it look more natural.

This is wonderful for before and after shifts, it just gives you a quick boost of refreshment.


Lush’s Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb


Surprise surprise, we have another Lush product! I’m not usually a fan of citrus but this wasn’t too overpowering, it was almost a comforting scent which isn’t something I usually associate with lemon.

I found this turned the water a brilliant orange, the scent remained for ages, and the oils in the bath made my skin lovely and soft. It’s only £3.95 so it won’t break the bank if you need a little TLC.


MUA Highlighter 


This is one of those rare highstreet finds which are genuinely better than pricier options. This highlighter is only £3.00. Yep, you read that right, three pounds. I bought it last year and I have yet to even hit pan on it!

Fantastic value for money, extremely pigmented and long-lasting. A constant in my makeup bag.


Justine Mauvin

Finally I have some new music for you to listen to! I was so shocked when I came across this song in a YouTube video because after some listening I realised that she didn’t have many views, but I suspect that will change soon because this girl is seriously talented.

Go listen to her and feed that monster inside you that loves it when you find new things before anyone else does!


Happy Comment and Follow Day! Okay, I made that up, but please follow and comment to make me smile!

For real now, Happy Clean Your Aquarium Day! Keep your fish clean and happy, don’t be like the dentist in Finding Nemo!


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