Sublime Self Care

Hello lovelies! Long time no blog post!


I’ve had a little mental health speed bump – nothing too serious, but enough to stop me blogging for a few weeks.

After a week that has taken some wonderful people from us, I thought I’d do a little list of things for people to do when they’re stuck in a funk; it’s nothing too trying because I know when you’re feeling low that it’s difficult to find energy, but these are some basic physical health tips that’ll do you some good.

  • Drink some water

Get a clean glass and some ice if you have it and have some nice cold water to drink. It seems simple, but keeping yourself hydrated when you’re down is key to maintaining your physical health.


  • Get some air

If you feel up to it, go outside. Wander around a park, go to a shop, pick up a coffee, you don’t even need to be outside for an hour, just get some fresh air into your system.

If you don’t feel up to this open a window and breathe in some air and just let yourself experience the outside for a few minutes.


  • Get Clean

One of the easiest things to forget about during a depressive period is hygiene. Do yourself a favour; have a shower and brush your teeth. Put on some clean clothes, I don’t care if they’re pyjamas, they just have to be clean.

Being clean is an important step towards feeling human again.


  • Get comfy

Situate yourself on a sofa or a bed, or wherever you feel comfiest, let yourself veg and feel comfort. I don’t mean collapse into upset sleep or stare at the wall in bed, I mean get comfy after you’re clean and give your body and your brain a little TLC. Let yourself relax.


  • Feel

Now this step can go one of two ways; sad film or happy film. Either you can watch a weepy film like Titanic or the Notebook and cry all of the emotions out, a good cry can work wonders. Or, put on the Birdcage or Some Like it Hot and laugh them out. Either way a good film can change your mood dramatically.


A cup of tea, a long shower and a good laugh are key to a lot of problems, they can’t solve depression, but they can tide you over.

If you feel depressed please seek medical help as soon as possible, it is worth it. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Everyone struggles, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve comfort, be kind to yourself today.

Hang in there, we’ll always have pizza, Parks and Rec and prosecco, and no one can take that away from us!

Let that be a positive if nothing else can be today.

Happy Ballpoint Pen Day! Buy a purple one and let it bring you joy!

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