Drunk Tourists

Hello guys and dolls!

I have had a fabulous weekend! One day, years from now, anthropologists will study it as the best weekend ever had in Edinburgh.


My friend came up from England and, as promised, drunken tourism happened.

We decided to use the Ab Fab method of travelling; a little drinkie, a tourist attraction, a little drinkie, a museum, a little drinkie, a castle. You get it, there were lots of little drinkies, and there was quite a bit of sightseeing.


Try and say all of these without taking a breath:

Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, Greyfriar’s, Greyfriar’s Bobby, Edinburgh Dungeon, Ghost Bus, Scott Monument, Surgeon’s Hall Museum. *Jazz hands*

How’d you do? Take a minute and then keep reading.

This weekend was truly amazing. I spent time in a fantastic city with wonderful company and it got me thinking about travelling a lot more. Not necessarily to the other end of the world, but day trips, weekends and whistle stop tours of interesting places.


I’d forgotten how weird and wonderful Edinburgh is. I mean where else can you go on a tour of a dungeon with a drop ride at the end? Okay, London, but still it was pretty awesome!

The weather was gorgeous and it got me so excited for the festival, I can’t wait to experience the crazy genius that is every actor in Scotland descending on one city for two whole months, and bringing every person who’s ever seen Outlander with them!

(not that I blame them)

I realised how young I am this weekend. This might be the only time in my life that I don’t have a husband, children, a mortgage, a dog and that means that I am truly free to try new things and explore new places.


So stay tuned for the next beer-fuelled city tour!

I have officially decided that I am going to post on Mondays from now on, because I work on Saturdays so on Sundays I am usually tired/hungover/being lazy so we are rescheduling!

Happy Monday! Go cuddle a dog and play in some sunshine!



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