Twenty-Something Bridget Jones

Hello my lovelies! Long time no blog post!

I’m sorry; it’s been lovely in Edinburgh and I’ve been frolicking in the sun and living my best life in a Bridget Jones way!

I’ve always said I was like a twenty-something Bridget Jones, but this week gave me the ultimate proof I needed.


Sunday Last Week:

Was watching TV with prosecco on Saturday because am grown up and suddenly the lights went out. Street lamps, traffic lights, everything. In panic/major excitement, ran to chippy across the street (was hungry as well asย excited) but phone was about to die so had to use mum’s fake, battery-powered flickering candle.

In the end got my food and left my candle at chippy so he could work, also in hope of free chips.

Got no free chips.


Tuesday Morning:

Early shift, running late, about to leave five minutes late, bent down to get my bag and jeans split. Had just washed them so was like wearing cardboard but still upset as favourite jeans.

Ran to bedroom to find new bottoms, found old see-through leggings and had to wear them to work.


Thank god when you arrive at work at six a.m., people don’t notice what you’re wearing.

Tuesday Afternoon (bad day):

Walking to gym despite early shift and jean debacle because want to look amazing in bikini/balance out all the chicken nuggets I eat and was crossing the road when I slipped on a grate and fell on knee/did the splits.


Legs locked, couldn’t get up, a car stopped to help me up, nearly got run over, still went to gym. Only cried for five mins.

Saturday Afternoon:

In pub with parents, mum notices girl I went to school with (and wasn’t really friends with) walk in. Instead of little whisper or gentle nudge, mum knees me in the leg and stares at her for 10 minutes.


I hid. Because am grown up. At least I showered and put makeup on before I left the house. Drank wine and pretended to watch rugby, then accidentally enjoyed rugby.

Knee bruised so can’t wear dress next weekend even though sun is out. FML.

So there you have it! I am officially Bridget Jones in her twenties! If I documented all of the dumb things I did in a day I could probably write a book in under a month…that might actually be a good idea for a book? Hmmmmm.

Next week will also be filled with embarrassing stories because I’m visiting my friend in Newcastle for a day sesh and I am notoriously a lightweight.


The week after that she’s visiting me and we plan on doing a ghost tour and drinking our own body weight in some form of strong alcohol! So you’ll get a drunken tour of Edinburgh!

Unless we get eaten by a poltergeist on the first night.

Happy National Shrimp Day! And celebrate like Eleanor Shellstrop would!


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  1. Two posts in and you’re like my favourite person ever ๐Ÿ˜‚ Mental note made to binge read your posts when I have time!


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