Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Baking Fun

I have a special treat for you today boys and girls; Christmas cookies!


Now these actually took a couple of attempts because I did some baking for work and I couldn’t find my snowflake cookie cutter, so I just made loads of tiny round cookies.img_1898.jpg

Then I did find my snowflake cookie cutter and it turned out to be impossible to use… so I made a second batch of cookies but this time with varying shapes of round cookies and two different types of icing!

This recipe is fantastic; it’s very simple and makes loads of cookies.

Pro-tip though: buy a rolling pin so you don’t have to use a pepper mill like I did.

…So far this post isn’t painting my baking skills in a good light.

Just follow the instructions then flour a flat surface and your rolling pin, roll out your dough and use a cookie cutter/cup/whatever you have to hand to shape your cookies and put them on a tray lined with greaseproof paper.

While they’re cooking miss two icings in shallow bowls and add food colouring to one and let them set for a few minutes so they’re easier to dunk the biscuits into without losing them.

Then after letting the cookies cool for a few minutes, dunk each cookie in whatever icing you like, and decorate with silver balls or sprinkles or candy penises; whatever floats your boat really.

Then let them set and pass them out at work or school and fawn in the compliments you get.


Happy National Roots Day! Just let them grow out and tell everyone they’re ombre.

7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Baking Fun

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  1. Each year I say I am going to bake holiday goodies, and each year I don’t. I am far too lazy for this process. And you know the laziness is bad when I don’t even buy the premade cookie dough! I mean, for real, with that, all I have to do is cut the crap and roll it into balls! I find it’s way easier to buy the premade cookies from the grocery bakery. Yeah, I suck at human being-y. Your cookies look awesome. Silver balls. Candy penises. I LOVE YOU. ❤ HA!HA!


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