Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

Hello Happy Christmas Eve my lovelies!

Today is a very chill day for me so I just thought I’d do a little post on what I love to do on Christmas Eve.


I’m at home with my family now and all of the Christmas decorations are up, the presents are bought and the turkey is awaiting its fate.

I love December, and Christmas especially, so Christmas Eve for me is all about savouring that last little bit of Christmas magic.


Tomorrow I’ll probably watch all of my favourite Christmas films/have them on the background which I wrap presents, and I’ll give my dogs and the cat some treats. Then I’m meeting up with an old friend to have a drink and a good natter.


Then at around four o’clock my dad and I will go to our local Tesco Metro on the hunt for some bargains and my mum will make a Chinese dish with tons of nibbles and goodies. Then I’ll snuggle up with a glass of prosecco and the Quality Street tin and watch the Grinch with my brother.

And then? It’s time to go to bed and wait for Santa to arrive!


Thanks for reading guys! I can’t believe that Blogmas is nearly over!

As well as Christmas Eve, today is also National Eggnog Day, so grab a glass and drink until you see God wearing a santa hat!

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