Blogmas Day 19: A Guide to Work Parties

Hello lovely people! Today I’m going to tell you what not to do at work parties.

Now I’ll admit that after one of my less well-behaved work parties I ended up drinking cider in a park with my work wife. But I’m now older and wiser (sort of).

love a.gif

Ideally I would say don’t drink at all but I’m not that naive! Plus you run the risk of looking a little rude if you don’t partake in the drinks usually served at a Christmas party/meal but you can always volunteer to be the designated driver if you really don’t want to drink.

If you do decide to drink, don’t go overboard. Office Christmas Party is a funny movie but drunken kisses between coworkers and photocopying parts of your body which shall remain nameless are one of the many reasons companies began having parties in restaurants and bars instead of at their offices.

office 2

So keep the drinking to a minimum and don’t, I repeat, don’t snog any coworkers. I don’t care if there is mistletoe involved. I don’t care if they’ve got an incurable disease. I also don’t care if you’re drunk and just feel like kissing someone.

I know a lot of people meet their significant others at work, just don’t cop off with them at the Christmas party because I guarantee that it’ll be all anyone talks about for the next six months at least. And it’ll be brought up at every single subsequent Christmas party, whether you attend it or not. Or if you work there or not.

“You know Lisa who used to work here? Remember that time she did 10 shots of tequila at the Christmas party and did a strip tease to Santa Baby??”

Oh and guys; no karaoke. It’s the singing version of a striptease. Trust me.


None of this is to say that you shouldn’t have fun with your coworkers and have a merry old time, I’m just trying to make sure that you don’t spend all of January trying to avoid half of your coworkers because you drank 15 snowballs and vommed on the turkey (which, thankfully, I have never done).

I’m all for alcohol at christmas but at risk of being a killjoy, booze and grown up work events don’t mix.


Do remember to thank your boss for the party as it’s ending. Do make sure that you have enough money for a taxi (remember PKW; phone, keys wallet!) and do make as many Grinch jokes and eat as many pigs in blankets as you can.

Now have fun and don’t forget to wear your best most inappropriate christmas jumper!

Happy National Look for an Evergreen Day! Any hay fever sufferers should probably avoid this day…

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