Blogmas Day 18: Lush Christmas (3/4)

Now this is probably around the 10th time I’ve posted this because I confused my days but this time it is genuinely the correct post.

This is the My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar and I think out of all of my Lush Christmas posts it’s the best value for money.


It’s £3.95 and you can use it more than once unless, like me, you like to put the whole thing in to create a bubble wonderland.

I really enjoyed using this. After using bath bombs for the last wee while I’d forgotten how nice a good old fashioned bubble bath can be.

It reminded me a lot of the Comforter which is actually my favourite bubble bar so this immediately got a very positive response from me.


It created loads of bubbles and turned the water a lovely deep pink. I would definitely recommend this bubble bar.

Well that’s all from me folks; tune in tomorrow to learn not what to do at an office Christmas party!

Happy International Migrants Day! Take some time out of your day to learn about what other cultures do to celebrate this time of year!

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