Blogmas Day 14: Lush Christmas (2/4)

Hi guys and girls!

Today is the second instalment of my Lush Christmas posts! Today I’ll be talking about the Thundersnow Bath Bomb.


I had some help choosing this from a lovely lady in the Lush shop in Edinburgh. We bonded over being actual children when it comes to Christmas.

This smelled delightfully of cocoa and faintly of orange in the shop and just as good in the bath.

But having said that it didn’t look that amazing in the bath. I’m not entirely sure what thundersnow is meant to look like… or if that’s a thing in real life?


But the smell more than made up for the unimpressive look.

It was £4.50 in Lush, so as far as bath bombs go it’s a little bit pricey, especially considering it’s not my favourite one. I’m not sure I would buy this again but its smell was lovely.

Happy National Gingerbread House Day! Go destroy your kitchen trying to make one!


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