Blogmas Day 13: Small Christmas Gifts Under £10

Hello party people!


As we’re entering into colder weather (if you’re in freezing Britain like me) I thought it would be nice to do a list of cosy things to keep you warm this festive period.

This warmer is adorable; you can cuddle a warm dinosaur in bed! Or in the office/the club/the supermarket, I don’t judge.

£8 on

And of course everyone needs a star sign mug to make hot tea in and blame Mercury in retrograde for all of your problems.

£5.50 on

And this present sack is perfect for putting presents in front of the fire on Christmas day (but be smart, no chocolate…unless it’s just the Netflix fireplace then you’re probably fine).

£4.49 on New Look

And a Countdown Christmas Candle to burn each day of December away!

£4.79 on New Look

And everyone needs a Mermaid blanket to cuddle up in during the winter months; mermaids get cold too!

£10 in Asda

And some lights so you can look at the stars without having to get chilly.

£5.99 in New Look

Happy St Lucy’s Day (!!!!!!), um but she was killed because she didn’t marry a man because she wanted to give her dowry to the poor. So that sucks for her. And women in general.

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