Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Jumpers Under £25

Hello my lovely Christmas elves! Happy Blogmas Day 12!

Today we’re talking about Christmas jumpers! There is nothing more I love than curling up on the sofa in my Christmas jumper, with a cup of tea and a Christmas film. Here are a few options for your Christmas jumper wearing, tea drinking, film watching fun!


Now none of these will be classy because classy has no place on a Christmas jumper.

This one is £22 on and it’s a little more subtle if you’re wearing it for a family dinner. It’s actually a very sneaky jumper; it looks just like a plain black jumper then boom sequin pudding elbows!


This next one is £15 at and it’s a tacky, Home Alone themed mess, I love it!

filthy animal.jpg

This one is fab for a Christmas party or as a gift to your favourite gin lover, and at £15.99 at New Look it would even be perfect for a secret santa gift.

gingle bells.jpg

This next one is also £15 on and it displays the perfect sentiment for any awkward ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ questions from your family members.


This next one is tacky and ugly and the best jumper for Christmas Day at it’s a bit pricey at £25 on but it will only get uglier with age (that’s a good thing).


Happy National Gingerbread House Day! Go destroy your kitchen trying to make one!

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