Blogmas Day 15: Christmas Pyjamas Under £25

Hi blogosphere! I’m back again with another Blogmas for you lovely people!


I think we’ve entered the part of December when Christmas PJs are acceptable, so cosy up and get ready for a list of adorable jimjams for the festive period!

Now I think without a doubt we can all agree that Christmas is a time filled with love, family, warmth and, most importantly, wine.

£20 on

And everyone needs some snuggly PJs and these ones have polar bears on them. Polar bears.

£24 on

And if polar bears aren’t your thing you can always go for a Rudolph onesie!

£24 on

And if you feel like being truly honest with your family these pyjamas are the ones for you…

£16 on

And you’ll need some slippers to go with your fabulous new jimmy jams. Why not these elf ones? And please let me know if your toes curl after you wear them!

£16 on

Well that’s all for today’s Blogmas!

Happy National Cat Herders Day! Do with that information what you will.

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