Blogmas Day 8: Secret Santa Presents For Under £20

Hey party people! Today I’m going to run through some Christmassy bits and pieces that I think would make lovely Secret Santa presents.

But I should forewarn you that my impulsive nature and inability to look away from shiny things means that this list is a little long.


These Paperchase cards are so cute, and at £6 for 12, you won’t break the bank. They’re fab if you’re just giving people cards/a small present, and want something high quality but cheap.


These cards are also Paperchase but they are 20 for £3, if you have more people to buy for or a smaller budget.


These slippers are perfect as a gift or a little treat. They would be great as a present for someone who you don’t know that well. And for £9.50 you’ll be hard pressed to find nice slippers for so little.


This is from for only £4 and would make a sweet little present. Or you can always bring it along to a Christmas party, although it’s my advice that you don’t set it off in your own home. I still get flashbacks to setting off one for my flatmate’s birthday…we had to sweep the ceiling afterwards.


This is so cute, especially if, like me, you love tacky decorations. And £12 for a reusable tree? It would be really cute as a desk tree or for a bedroom. And of course it’s from Paperchase (again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).


And Christmas leggings! These combine two of my favourite things; comfy clothes and Christmas. £18 on


And everyone needs a reindeer mug at Christmas! Again perfect for a Secret Santa or as a wee treat for yourself. His nose changes from black to red when you put hot drinks in him! At £10.99 on it’s a little more expensive than most things on this list, but I’ve really struggled finding a Christmas mug I like this year.


And a reindeer headband is of course a necessity for Christmas parties/embarrassing your/their/everyone’s mum at family parties. £2.79 from New Look.


And last but not least some paper to wrap it all up in! This wrapping paper has Christmas dinosaurs on it. Dinosaurs! For £3.75 from Paperchase.


Well that’s it for my Secret Santa gifts, Happy Time Traveller Day! If you manage to travel through time, could you do me a huge favour and go back and tell me that my goth phase was not a good look for me? Thanks!


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