Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Music

The music is one of my favourite things about Christmas! I’m not home for the holidays until my dad attempts Slade’s it’s CHRISTMAAAAAAAASSSS!


There is nothing I love more than Christmas karaoke after a couple of Christmas prosceccos (it’s exactly the same as normal prosecco just in December).

So without further ado, my Christmas playlist!

Now this song is a little creepy unless you watch the video at the same time, so try and do that.

And of course, you can’t go through the festive period without cracking the windows in your house trying to sing along to Slade.

And a little bit of classic Christmas carolling.

And some Annie Lennox to bring some weirdness to the festive period.

And something to dance to while you decorate every surface in your home with glitter and tinsel.

And some Christmas rock!

And some foul-mouthed Christmas Irish fun!

And this brilliant belter.

And a classic from the Queen of Christmas.

And for any Christmas stripteases you’re dared to do at the office party…

And for any karaoke you plan on doing.

And for urging global warming to let up for just one night.

And for Christmas Eve!

Now listen to these songs to your heart’s content because…

Happy World Soil Day! Go grow something! Or bury someone! It’s a free country!

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