Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Crackers

Hi lovely humans of the internet!

For today’s blog we’re going to talk about Christmas crackers.


If we’re being honest but I’ve never really gotten the whole deal with crackers? I mean they look great when you set up Christmas dinner, I enjoy the scary big noise thing when you pull them and I am insanely competitive so I have my wrist technique sorted and I win the cracker pull every time.

But still while I am a fan of the hats I’m not a massive fan of the tiny toys; I’m either worried about my dogs eating them, or stepping on them (which is pretty much the festive version of stepping on Lego) and I kind of think crackers are a waste of paper.

So I went on a little quest to find some fun crackers that might get me (and hopefully you) a bit more excited about the Christmas cracker experience.

These Meri Meri Reindeer Christmas Crackers are so freaking cute


They are £15.00 for six on which is the pricier end of this list but I just couldn’t resist putting them down because as we’ve already established they are so cute.

There is this Haribo Starmix Christmas Cracker


These are £1.00 each in Superdrug, but maybe wait until after dinner to eat your cracker…also if you like the big bang the cracker makes – which is definitely the best part of crackers – maybe get another of the crackers on this list.

These crackers are more naughty fun; Talking Tables Saucy Christmas Crackers


These probably aren’t something to use with your family because each cracker has a truth or dare question inside. They would be so much fun at a work dinner or if you have a flatmate/friend Christmas dinner. And at £7.00 for eight on you won’t break the bank with them.

Now this last one probably isn’t a cracker you can have with your Christmas dinner.

The Lush Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar


£5.95 in Lush Cosmetics. Now you can’t eat this or wear it on your head but you can soak in a Christmas cracker bath and let your stomach go down from all of the pigs in blankets you’ve consumed/ eat a sandwich made from the turkey that you all swear you won’t buy/eat/cook next Christmas but inevitably will again anyway.

Happy National Cookie Day! Go eat some cookies you beautiful bastard!

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