Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Party Must-Haves

Hi guys and gals and everything in-between or outwith!

Today I’m going to run through some Christmas party necessities.


Let’s be real, there is no wrong way to party at Christmas, but I thought I’d give you guys some tips.

This first recommendation is something you should use for every party/social event.

It’s advice from the wisest man in all the world, Lincoln from Broad City.


Phone. Keys. Wallet.

This is very important; no matter how late, how drunk, how tired or distracted you are remember your phone, keys and wallet. This is by far the most important thing on this list.

This one is for those who will be choosing to wear tights on the night out (which if you’re wearing a dress in winter you really should be). Spare tights.


In case of ladders or rips when you’re doing the Christmas conga or pulling your tights down to do bum prints on the photocopier.

And, of course, you need a hip flask, in case of long lines at the bar, expensive drinks or just to store your in case of emergency vodka.

hip flask.gif

And you’ll need some lipstick to top up your festive makeup look after dinner/drinks/snogging your coworker (which I strongly advise against). Maybe pick a dark one that’ll make kissing more noticeable and messy to discourage you from any ill-advised dalliances under the mistletoe.


And, in case things get boring, a pack of cards. There is no party that cannot be saved with a pack of cards; ring of fire, cheat, poker, you name it! It’s set to make a party hard to remember for all of the right reasons!


Happy Put Your Own Shoes On Day! Remember, slippers count!

Now go and embarrass yourself at your office Christmas party!

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