Uppity Updates (Part Deux)

Hi Witches and Wizards (ah the two genders), Happy early Hallowe’en!


Hallowe’en is one of my favourite holidays. Whereas some people get down as the leaves change and the temperature drops I thrive on the cold and the spooky. Living in one of the most gothic places in Europe (Edinburgh) definitely helps this.

So for Hallowe’en this year I thought I would give you a quick update on everything Lucy, and whereas this would usually just be a list of things I’ve eaten in the last month, some developments have occurred!

The more eagle-eyed of my followers will (hopefully) have noticed that I’ve begun reviewing things. I love to judge things- almost as much as I love to buy things. Almost.

So I decided to start reviewing the things I buy, partly because it is a stellar excuse for buying anything I want in true Treat Yo’ Self fashion,

treat yo self.gif

but also because I really enjoy writing for this blog, and as my mental health improves, I’ve stopped needed it as an emotional outlet so much.

And for the scary portion of the post The Mental Health Update! I’m going as my prescription for Hallowe’en btw.

I have been on my antidepressants for a few months now and I can see a very clear difference in myself. I’ve started going to the gym and eating more healthily- and this was a massive step for me because I suddenly found I had the motivation to exercise and cook.

Besides the medication; I’m happy with the outcome of uni, I’ve got a job I really like, I live in a city I love and I’m generally in a really good place at the moment, and I achieved a lot of the things I wanted to very quickly and I am immensely proud of that. For those who read last year’s blogs you’ll know I had serious doubts about how my life would progress and I was worried about how my mental health and my degree would shape my future. But now I see a future I am proud of and that is no small part of my improved mental health.loryn.jpg

Phew! Now we’re off the scary section of the update I will definitely keep writing this blog. I am really proud of how far I’ve come and How to Mess Up Your Twenties chronicles my journey. It’s also great to see how all of my content and my theme has come together, and this is an excellent creative outlet for me.

From now on I will mostly be reviewing things with a couple of personal updates here and there, I am completely open to suggestions for items to review- if you have any requests zap me a message and I’ll try my very best. Makeup, books, films, places, websites, murder techniques; you name it I’ll try it!

And if you made it this far in the blog then you get a cookie! ( A metaphorical cookie, not a real cookie, because this is the internet)

Bye lovelies! Let me know if you liked this update by liking and commenting, and if you feel like making me smile, hit the follow button! 😉

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