Lucy Reviews Stuff: Ep 3, Parks and Recreation 9/10

Now don’t let the 9/10 confuse you, this might be my favourite series of all time.


The one mark was taken off purely because of the weak first season and lack of gender/sexuality issues shown, but besides these, I can’t fault this series (plus you can skip ahead to season 2 and the series still makes sense, just read a season 1 recap and you’ll be fine).

It has the cutest couples ever:

Leslie and Ben- soulmates if there ever was such a thing. They have such a silly and sweet relationship, and Leslie’s ambition isn’t intimidating for ben, it’s one of the things that attract him to her. He also has a cute butt (just ask Leslie she will verify).

Leslie and ben.jpg

April and Andy- they shouldn’t work together. Complete opposites; if a dog and a cat got married, this is what it would look like, and yet, it’s perfection. Honestly relationship goals.

April and Andy

Sidenote: Parks and Rec avoids the trope of the unhappy wife and the stupid, lazy but loveable husband and shows happy relationships within an adult setting.  This can definitely be seen in Ron and Diane. She has kids, and is a vice principal but despite these things, her relationship with Ron is funny and strong.


Adding in Leslie and Ann to this list, because no two human beings on earth love each other more than these girls do.


Also every single character is amazing:

Leslie- ambitious, determined, clever, unapologetic. Also kind, fun, supportive, silly, likes baking and puppies and none of these traits ever undermine her ambition or suggest that she isn’t powerful and strong as well. The most likeable character in all of TV.


Ann- in Leslie’s words, a beautiful unicorn nurse. Which she so is. The only person who could be Leslie’s bestie. Kind and fun, will take none of your shit, and is the whipped cream to Leslie’s waffles.


While we’re on the topic of positive female friendships- Galentine’s Day! Leslie Knope truly is a pioneer.


April and Andy- evil, clever, animal lover, and goofy wannabe FBI agent, too perfect for words.



Donna- flawless, I aspire to be as confident and clever and to know what I deserve as much as Donna does. She lives her best life and teaches us all to do the same.


Tom- sleazy, sweet, funny, weird, wants to be rich but majorly in debt. I think the only saving grace for Tom is he is played by Aziz Ansari, possibly the most loveable tiny man on the planet.


Of course Tom and Donna created the most important day of the year.
treat yo self


And last but not least, Ron- Ron reminds me so much of my dad. Loves hunting, shooting, fishing. Detests veganism, and the government (so of course he works there). Strong willed, weird af, and  honestly the wisest TV character possibly ever.


The show even deals with depression, and instead of giving it to April who likes black and hates everything, Parks and Rec gave it to Chris, the most positive happy character, and they handled expertly I might add.


This show has success, failure, friendship, FBI roleplaying, feminism, tiny horses and waffles. How could you not want to watch this?

If you haven’t seen this show already, drop everything you’re doing and watch it now.

be the.png

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