Hipsters and Vegans Welcome Here


Hello lovely people!

Here is the second instalment of my travels in Montreal!

Now considering my little jaunt was over a week ago I probably should have written this earlier, and since I know everyone is desperate to hear more about me failing at life and I’m trying to get a bit of a routine going, there is another post scheduled for later in the week.

There is also an exciting little tidbit of news at the end, if that’s any incentive to read through this post in it’s entirety (don’t feel bad, I get it, I’m bored of me already too but I have to live with myself so count your blessings).


Last weekend was essentially a food tour. So first we went to get a bagel at St-Viateur where they just sell hot bagels. Nothing inside them. Just a bagel. Granted it was a delicious bagel and you could buy things to put in/on them in the shop, but you try putting Philadelphia on a hot bagel standing in the middle of a busy street, it’s fucking hard. If you come better prepared than me (bring a proper knife and whatever tickles your fancy filling wise) then this is definitely worth a visit.


Then onto this gorgeous little coffee shop called Cafe Olimpico that could have been in Rome; the smell of coffee and the loud bustle of the customers is just what you want from a city coffee shop. Then I got cocky. I like a strong coffee but I forgot (or just decided I could handle it) that weak Italian coffee is my version of an extra strong hulk-level of caffeine coffee. So I ordered a double shot macchiato, took about 5 sips, decided the coffee was gorgeous but too strong for me and proceeded to talk a mile a minute and have the caffeine shakes for the next two hours. Again, definitely go here, but do it better than me.


Then we went to a vegan restaurant called La Panthere Verte (the Green Panther). You will never understand the hilarity of watching non-vegans try to order food in a vegan shop until you’ve seen it. I ordered a half-pitta veggie burger and I can honestly say that it might be the healthiest thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. Absolutely delicious though and didn’t feel any guilt for having a burger. Whether you’re vegan or not this place is worth a trip, the neighbourhood was arty and cool and everything a hipster dreams of.

It’s worth a mention that the neighbourhood we were exploring (Mile End) was at one point voted the most hipster neighbourhood in the world.


Then we went onto a festival at Parc Jeanne-Mance, if you like watching bike races and the smell of weed, it is definitely a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And so ended my day. Having had 3 lunches and walked for far too long I went home and didn’t do my Iliad reading assignment.

And now for my exciting news! I recently got contacted on Instagram by mytrendingstories.com who asked me to write for their blog and I have accepted! It’s entirely possible that they haven’t even read my blog and a computer just randomly picked me out of a hat but I want to be a writer and exposure on different platforms can only be a good thing. I’ll leave a link to my page below, if you are on that site too then please give me a follow. Also if you enjoyed this post hit like and if you like me then you have terrible taste in people but please follow me anyway.


This will probably be the last post about touring Montreal because they don’t seem that popular, but stay tuned for more anecdotes that would put even Bridget Jones to shame!

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