(Insert witty title about updates here)

Hello internet people!


I am a terrible blogger. I haven’t posted in so long that WordPress has revamped some of its features (so far I’m loving the new purple publish button).

Apologies for my lack of posting. I’ve been busy doing stupid grownup stuff lately, like working and eating vegetables. I wasn’t sure if I should admit this online but… I tried cauliflower rice.


I completely understand that in light of this revelation, I may lose some followers, but in the spirit of honest blogging, I will take that risk.

Anyhoo, you’ve caught me the day after a trip to Rome! It was amaaaazing. My friend and I did what we call the Ab Fab Tourism Method.


A little drink, a little sightseeing, a little drink, a little ancient monument, a little drink, a little getting drunk-lost in a historic city.

So yeah, there was a lot of drinking. And some sightseeing.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to reenact the Lizzie McGuire Movie, but we tried and that’s what counts.


But besides that, the world of Lucy has not been that exciting this year.

In fact, since my return from Rome I’ve been so bored that I’ve started to name the objects in my flat. Here is a brief list of the names:

  • Stevie the TV (okay so I stole that one from Friends but I had to start somewhere)
  • Mable the Table
  • Rita the Heater
  • Blair the Chair
  • Fred the Bed

I also have three cacti called Billy, Milly and Tilly and a succulent called Polly. She just looks like a Polly.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need to do some *gasp* outdoor activities. Not canoeing or anything, just general leaving-the-house stuff.


So if there is anything you think I should do/blog about doing, however outlandish, pop me a wee comment down below, or if you’re shy (or your suggestion is really weird) zap me a message on my contact page and let’s see how much chaos a socially awkward part-bed person such as myself can cause when properly motivated!

Happy National Pluto Day! Anyone who says it’s not a planet is dead to me, I don’t need that negativity in my life.



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