NYX Haul

Hello lovely people of the internet!

I’m back and posting when I said I would for the third time in a row, remember where you are, this must be some kind of record!


Now, when I was in Florida in my jet lagged, sleep deprived, slightly hungover, high on hot dogs and pancakes stupor I stumbled into Nyx.


I bought what I thought was most of the shop, but turned out to be just five items, so you’ll be pleased that I won’t be talking for too long this time.

I absolutely adore Nyx, it’s the perfect high street brand. It’s fairly cheap, high quality and it lasts.

So, without further ado, my haul!

Nyx’s Pore Filler Primer


I like this primer. It’s nothing special but it does its job and it was cheap. Did it make all of my dreams come true and make my skin flawless and brilliant? No. But it’s a fantastic high street primer which is quite a good dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional.

Nyx’s Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation 


This foundation is lovely; it’s oil free so I find it creases less, and it’s not too matte, so it doesn’t highlight every lump and bump. It’s high coverage and matches my skin tone well. I have to avoid using too much of this though, otherwise I do end up looking like I’m wearing a mask, but on the plus side, this means it lasts a long time and shows how high coverage it is.

Nyx’s Studio Photogenic Concealer


This isn’t oil free; you want under eye concealer not to be too matte or as your under eye gets more oily throughout the day it will crease, and even if it doesn’t then you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a mask.

I really like this concealer. It’s high coverage and matte enough to have staying power but oily enough that it sits nicely on the skin. It’s not as creamy as other concealers but I prefer that as it makes it a more useable product.

Nyx’s Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder 


I usually go for a translucent powder because I don’t want to put loads of effort into choosing the colour of my foundation and concealer only to pile on a different colour powder but this is only mildly coloured.

This is a good mixture of translucent and coloured powder; it is slightly coloured but it doesn’t overpower the colour of my foundation but does get rid of oil and shine. A new staple product in my makeup bag.

Nyx’s Contour Pro Single in Toffee 


I’ve used this before (I have Nyx’s contour and highlight palette), but Nyx sells contour and highlight singles so you can replace each one as you hit pan. I love this idea, this way I don’t have to replace my entire palette whenever I run out of one product. Fabulously thrifty.

And that’s all from me folks! As you can probably guess, I bloody love Nyx.

Happy National Potato Day! Go and celebrate the most glorious vegetable there is!


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