Sephora Spree

Hello my lovelies!

Look at me posting when I said I would!


As promised, I’m going to be doing a little Sephora haul, and I’m warning you it really is little because I’m not a billionaire.

While on my travels in Florida I had to go into Sephora, it was like a beauty product version of Willy Wonka’s Factory!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find prices because I lost the receipt somewhere between Scotland and Florida, and the website I accessed was in French, but let’s do this anyway!

Charcoal Exfoliating Wipes


I love these wipes. They have a rough side for exfoliation and a soft side for wiping. I have combination skin so the charcoal in these gets rid of oil, while the rough side exfoliates but somehow, magically they don’t dry out my skin.

They weren’t extortionately expensive and they smell lovely and clean, definitely recommend.

Sheet masks


I also picked up some face masks. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before but I swear by sheet masks so I’ve tried more than a few. These are wonderful.

I have sensitive skin (seriously, buying beauty products is like playing Russian roulette with my allergies/pores) and these left my skin feeling fresh and calm and they smelled nice.

Sidenote: so far what I’m getting from my own reviews is that Sephora stuff smells good and for some reason I’m very into it.

I bought four; the rose one, the aloe vera one, the pineapple one and the pearl one (yes I did have to go through my rubbish to find this out).

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb


This is the most luxurious lip gloss I have ever purchased. I have wanted to get some Fenty products for a while because I have heard amazing things, but I had just bought a new foundation (which will be in my next post about Nyx products) so I wanted to buy something small and this looked glorious.

It’s sparkly, suits every skin tone and lasts really long, which is surprising for a lip gloss. It’s perfect for day or night, loved this product.

Now there will be a drumroll for this next item because it is stupendous.


Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Foil Eyeshadow palette


Oh my god, this was expensive. But god was it worth it!

It’s a foil eyeshadow palette, a bit like a cream eyeshadow. It’s pure pigment. This goes on so nicely; because it’s a cream it maintains its glow and actually transitions surprisingly nicely with powder eyeshadows. I would suggest using a good primer because it can crease a little, but it does last a good few hours before that happens.

But seriously, this palette is heavenly. Pure glittery heaven.

Well that’s all from me folks, Happy World Elephant Day! Go watch Dumbo and don’t buy ivory!


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