Five small ways to help the environment

Hi lovelies!

After Blue Planet II I have been looking at how to reduce my carbon footprint. I don’t like most humans but I love animals and the image of a whale holding her dead baby really upset me.

So I decided to make some changes for the better, so here are some small things I’ve done to be more environmentally conscious.

Bag for Life


If you live in the UK you’ll get charged 5p if you use a plastic bag, so it makes sense to buy a bag for life to save money and be a friend to the environment. It also gives you a chance to personalise your shopping bags.

This one from Lush is so cute you’ll want to whip it out in the supermarket. It’s a bit pricey at £7.95 but it supports women working in India and it’s printed on fair-trade cotton.

Reusable Water Bottle


A reusable water bottle is a fantastic way to use less plastic because instead of buying new water bottles, and a lot of places will fill up a water bottle free of charge.

This one from Matalan has a water tracker on the side, so you’ll be more hydrated and it’s only a fiver!

Reusable Coffee Cup


Around 2.5 billion coffee cups are distributed around the world every year, and using disposable coffee cups can help to make a dent in that figure.

This adorable one from Asos is only £12.00, and the majority of coffee shops in the UK will happily fill a reusable cup instead of a takeaway one. And it’s a Harry Potter one!

Cold Wash


By washing your clothes on a cold cycle, you not only get the same wash (although if you have a big stain I would put it in a warmer wash) but you use less energy.

It’s such a simple change and can really make a difference.

Heating Timer


If you put your heating on a timer, you’re not only being a friend to the environment but you save money by not having it on all the time without even noticing.

It’s an easy task and as we get into warmer weather it’s a logical change.

Well that’s all from me folks!

Happy Easter! And if you don’t celebrate Easter then Happy National Ferret Day! Go watch the scene in Harry Potter where Malfoy gets turned into a ferret.

17 thoughts on “Five small ways to help the environment

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  1. Great post – reminds me of my days after college. Thanks for following my blog – I hope there will be things in there from time to time of interest. I’ll have a shout out to you in a post soon!


  2. Love this post! Did a similar one on my page, i think it’s so important to stay positive when it comes to the environment


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