March Favourites

Hello lovelies! It’s time for another one of my monthly favourites lists!

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please


This is a lovely read. A lot of autobiographies can get a little preachy and long winded. After all someone is trying to incorporate every major event of a life which has probably spanned at least three decades, I can understand why so many biographies fall down this rabbit hole but I still prefer biographies written by ghost writers for this very reason.

Amy Poehler has a unique voice that makes her biography very funny and readable. She also manages to address serious topics while keeping a light tone and vice versa. You never feel as if she has used too much or too little humour and overall it’s just a lovely book. Definitely recommend.

Rosy Lips Vaseline Tin


This is amazing for this annoyingly cold March Scotland is currently experiencing. I mean seriously, where are my daffodils and frolicking lambs? This moisturises the lips without feeling as heavy as a lipgloss or lipstick so it’s perfect to wear to bed or if you’re having a no makeup day but want some moisture. The Rosy Lips tin also gives a nice warm tone to the lips and smells lightly of roses, and at £1.95 from Boots it won’t break the bank.

Creme Eggs


Easter is right around the corner and while I know that not everyone celebrates this holiday, Creme Eggs are universal. These gooey chocolatey pieces of heaven are everywhere at the minute, let’s enjoy it.

Lush’s Golden Egg Bath Bomb


This is my all time favourite bath bomb. It’s only available once a year and I always buy at least ten of them. They are so sparkly and they smell like toffee and happiness. Buy one now before they sell out!

Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Bar


And in news that will shock absolutely no one, we have another Lush product! This is only around for a month and it’s Harry Potter themed. This somehow manages to combine my love of baths, glitter and Harry Potter. The woman in the store looked a little  disconcerted by my excitement when I picked this up.

That’s all from me folks! Sorry for the Lush overload, it’s bloody freezing in the UK at the moment so I’ve been taking a lot of baths.

Happy National Panda Day! Now go watch Kung Fu Panda and enjoy the comedic genius that is Jack Black!

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