Happy New Year! New year, New goals


Happy New Year lovely people!

I’m sure you’re all as sick as me of reading those New Year in Review articles, but I couldn’t finish/start the year without one because this year has been a big one for me!

This is the year I got my degree, I even somehow managed to get the grade I wanted. I also got a job, moved to Edinburgh, and I am well on my way to sorting out my mental health.

Last New Year, my dad said that this time next year everything would be different for me, and wow was he right!

I honestly don’t know how 2018 is going to top 2017, but I’m trying to make having a good year a routine… we’ll see how that goes.


I know politics-wise, this year has put everyone through the mill, but on a personal level, this year has been a remarkable one for me.

2017 was one of those rare years when everything you have worked for comes to fruition, when all of the stress, pain and hard work that got me to this point suddenly seems to have been worth it. So bring on 2018! (I’m going to regret writing that aren’t I?)

Happy Polar Bear Swim Day! Go jump into some freezing water; it might just be a decent hangover cure!

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  1. I agree, 2017 has been rubbish for politics but has personally been great, let’s hope 2018 is the same (for us personally, not the same about the political side of things!😂)

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