Unambitious Updates

Today I read something that struck a chord with me: 'My mental illness makes it hard for me to complete simple tasks.' After weeks of feeling sleepy and lethargic but admittedly better, I have stopped taking my antidepressants, and even though they didn't appear to be having much affect, going off them has made me... Continue Reading →

Stressed-Out Student Stresses

Dear Diary- whoops I mean hello lovely followers! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I wonder how many posts are going to start with that this year? Hey I'm in my final year of uni give me a break. Speaking of my final year of uni- stress stress stress stress stress. Let me just... Continue Reading →

The V in V-Day Stands for Valium

(All picture credit goes to Loryn Brantz please don't sue me I'll cry) So for Valentine's Day this year I got antidepressants. I'm not even kidding, I had to pick up my prescription on V-Day...which also happened to be the day I turned 22. Yay. I did actually have a great day. I went for lunch,... Continue Reading →

Curiouser and Curiouser

Odd news-  think I might be feeling something...Or I'm too caffeinated and too tired at the same time. I just went out to get some wine, and as I was walking back I started thinking about how most people don't need crutches. Alcohol, comfort food, TV binge watches. They can cope without them. I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Ugh: An Autobiography by Me

(All picture credit to Gemma Correll) It has been a no good very bad awful week this week. Now for those who have never experienced depression, this might be a little confusing, and I would like to ask those who might be triggered not to read on. My mental health might be fucked, doesn't mean yours... Continue Reading →

Monday Travel Blues

Hello poor humans who had the unfortunate luck to stumble across my blog. I'll warn you, it's R rated (not X rated because I might swear a lot but I'm not THAT cool), and contains stories of cynicism, high anxiety and the everyday mumblings of a 21 year old who lacks direction. I'm excited, are... Continue Reading →

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