Uppity Updates (Part Deux)

Hi Witches and Wizards (ah the two genders), Happy early Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en is one of my favourite holidays. Whereas some people get down as the leaves change and the temperature drops I thrive on the cold and the spooky. Living in one of the most gothic places in Europe (Edinburgh) definitely helps this. So for... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Scatalogical

Hi guys and gals and everything in between or outwith. Apologies to the squeamish ones reading this, it might not be your cup of pepto bismol. Well I ended up going to Edinburgh with my parents, and I decided to stay until Friday while they went home on Wednesday. It was a good but uneventful couple... Continue Reading →

The Cheekiest Nando’s Ever

Hello lovelies! Ironically after my last blog post being a very boring list of things I'm stressed out about, less than 4 hours later I am back with another anecdote of what not to do in your twenties, specifically, what not to do if you are at university, or college- now I'm thinking about it... Continue Reading →

Uppity Updates

(All picture credit goes to Sarah Andersen- dear god please don't sue me) Ok people, this is an unscheduled break from our usual content, I'm writing in actual prose! Yay! So I've being writing and publishing some poetry lately- it began as an emotional outlet and is surprisingly the most successful thing I've published! I originally... Continue Reading →

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