Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Crackers

Hi lovely humans of the internet! For today's blog we're going to talk about Christmas crackers. If we're being honest but I've never really gotten the whole deal with crackers? I mean they look great when you set up Christmas dinner, I enjoy the scary big noise thing when you pull them and I am... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day 2: Lush Christmas (1/4)

For today's Blogmas post I'm going to do the first instalment of four Lush Christmas baths posts. I adore Lush.  It's kind on the environment, animals and my scaly winter skin. I kicked myself for not getting some Hallowe'en things from Lush so I'm not going to make the same mistake in the festive period.... Continue Reading →

My MAC Lipsticks

Now I apologise in advance for this post being a little fidgety, I am resisting the deep urge to watch the Grinch before December. Four more days! I'd never really used MAC products until a couple of years ago; I just assumed that they would be really pricey and not worth the money. But as... Continue Reading →

November Favourites

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere! It's time for a list of my November favourites. I love love love Autumn; I love the leaves, the chilly cold, jumpers, blankets, Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night. Everything. I love it! So without further ado here is my list: Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette I have another palette by... Continue Reading →

Uppity Updates (Part Deux)

Hi Witches and Wizards (ah the two genders), Happy early Hallowe'en! Hallowe'en is one of my favourite holidays. Whereas some people get down as the leaves change and the temperature drops I thrive on the cold and the spooky. Living in one of the most gothic places in Europe (Edinburgh) definitely helps this. So for... Continue Reading →

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