Lucy Reviews Stuff: Ep 1, Benefit’s Gimme Brow 8/10

Benefit’s Gimme Brow is a ‘brow-volumising fiber gel’ that adds volume to your eyebrows and fills in any little gaps.

Brow 2

I recently got my brows waxed for graduation and the beautician made them far too thin, not to mention I already have a fairly pronounced scar running through my right eyebrow.

I have been looking for a semi-effortless way of sorting out my eyebrows every morning in a way that won’t mean that my 6 o’clock in the morning shift begins with me looking like I have caterpillars for eyebrows.

So my friend recommended this!

The applicator is kind of like a tiny mascara wand, and despite having light eyebrows, I have dark hair so I went for the deepest shade they had (3) if you’re not sure about shade don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant.


This is easy to apply but does need a couple of coats- brush it through then almost backcomb your eyebrows with the applicator (don’t double dip into the solution just use the product on the wand or risk having the dreaded scouse-brow, unless you’re into that) and then style them with the wand into your preferred brow style.

My only complaints are that I imagine for darker skin tones this will not be an effective product. Also while it’s great that only one dip into the product is needed, and means it’ll last longer, this means that you run the risk of smudging a lot of brown stuff over your eyebrows and having to start again. Also, it’s fantastic for shaping eyebrows but doesn’t do the job of an eyebrow pencil for filling in gaps like the scar running through mine.

BUT at £20 it’s good value for money, will last a long while, is the perfect shade for my eyebrows and does exactly what it says on the tin, and is easy to use. It even comes in a pretty sliver package which kind of looks like a tiny spaceship, and who doesn’t want that in a makeup product?

I was tempted to give this product a 9/10 rating, but it probably not being too good for dark skin tones held me back. But if your skin tone is mid to fair, I would happily recommend this product.

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