My MAC Lipsticks

Now I apologise in advance for this post being a little fidgety, I am resisting the deep urge to watch the Grinch before December. Four more days!

I’d never really used MAC products until a couple of years ago; I just assumed that they would be really pricey and not worth the money. But as long as you buy one small thing at a time, it’s not that expensive, especially if it’s a treat.

Now my flatmate from uni who we’ll call… Sophocles (she probably wouldn’t mind me using her name, but ever since my Cheekiest Nandos Ever post I’ve rather enjoyed giving my friends historical nicknames) swore by MAC lipsticks and she totally converted me.

For every birthday we’ve had together we’ve gotten each other something from MAC. And so began my MAC lipstick obsession. Brace yourself, this list is excessive (quick disclaimer: most of these lipsticks were presents and I’ve had them for a while, I don’t just spend all of my disposable income on lipstick…even though I might want to).


Now I only have five in this collection but I actually thought I had more; my Velvet Teddy went walkabout on a night out. I’m not really that bothered though, I think Whirl is a much better nude lip. Velvet Teddy is good if you want to look as if you’ve got nothing on your lips, and that isn’t the point of lipstick for me. I might as well wear a £2 lip balm.

The colours I have in my current selection (which I am definitely going to add to now I realise that I actually have less than I thought) are Viva Glam, Whirl, Instigator, Barking Gorgeous and Angel. One of my purple lippies has also mysteriously disappeared. Just wait I’ll find it in one of my bags under a half empty hip flask and a receipt for five jager bombs.

I love Viva Glam. It’s the perfect matte red; I’m very pale so reds tend to wash me out but this is lovely. Fantastic for a classic red lip look.


Whirl is a gorgeous lipstick. If I’m doing dramatic eye makeup then this is my go-to lipstick. It’s nude enough that the look isn’t overpowering, but present enough that it looks complete. I often wear whirl with my everyday look, there’s just something understated and smoky about this lipstick. Possibly my favourite ever lipstick.


Instigator is a lovely deep plum colour. I love it for a night out, this lipstick makes me feel powerful. It’s the lipstick of a disney villain and I love it.


Angel is a little light for my lips. As I’m so pale it really washes me out. I use it when I’m attempting an ombre lip to make my lips look plumper. I don’t wear it very often.


Now, Barking Gorgeous smells lovely, but it used to make me look like an Abba wannabe, and it made my lips look thin which oddly goes against the dark lip=thin, light=plump rule. But ever since I had lip fillers (temporary ones, administered by my dad; a story for another time) a light coat of this with my everyday makeup actually works rather nicely.

That’s all from me folks!

Next Sunday be prepared for a more festive post because I’m doing Blogmas this year! A blog a day for 25 days starting on the 1st of December!

So hit follow or you’ll miss drunken me, my drunken mother, drunk baking, drunk beauty, drunk Christmas films, drunk music, just a lot of drunkenness to be honest, won’t that be fun?!

Happy National Cake Day! Grab a cake and a fork and disappoint your dentist!


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    1. Haha I’ve already watched the Nightmare Before Christmas about ten times! MAC lipsticks are really good quality, I find they last long too, and they’re really great for fair skin! Thanks for commenting! 🙂 ❤


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