May Favourites

Hello m’dears!

Now, you know I have to open with the most clichéd gif I can think of, so without further ado:tumblr_mm3fr2JBUm1r2rsz6o2_r1_250.gif

Now we have that over with, it’s time for a favourites list! I love doing these lists but due to being skint/lazy/boring I haven’t done one in a while, so let’s get started!

Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Palette


I already have Urban Decay’s Heat Palette, but I was reluctant to buy this because I had some concerns that the reds and pinks would make me look like some kind of demon, but I’m pleased to report that nothing of the sort has happened!

The shadows blend like a dream and build nicely, so you can go as dramatic or as subtle as you like. At £42 it is a bit pricey, but I have had it for over five months, I use it almost every day and I have yet to hit pan on any of the colours. Completely recommend as a long-term makeup investment.


Now, because my mum is awesome, I not only got creme eggs at Easter (yes, I’m 24, what of it??); I also received some Lush goodies!

I love Lush’s Easter collection the most, if possible even more than their Christmas products! The Easter collection contains my ultimate favourite bath bomb, the Golden Egg. But since I’ve already written blog posts, sonnets, poems, ballads etc. to that bath bomb, we’re going to talk about something different!

Lush Cosmetics’ Cosmetic Warrior face mask


I’ve talked about this before on my blog, and its biggest downfall was that it smelled reaaaaaaaally bad.

I’m talking finding-a-kebab-at-the-bottom-of-your-bag-after-a-night-out bad.

But, if you’ve got combination skin and you’ve had a breakout, it is the ultimate cure. It’s filled with natural oils, so it doesn’t dry out your skin, but the clove and tea tree oil really sorts out spots. I like to whack this on after the gym, as sweating can really make my skin erupt.

But here’s the amazing thing; they’ve made it smell soooo much better! Now it barely smells at all, and even that smell is quite pleasant! It’s a Christmas Easter May miracle!

For my final May favourite, I have some music for you!


Lucia is a singer from Romania, and I don’t just like her because her name is vaguely similar to mine (that’s only a very small part of it).

She has a lovely voice and her songs are relaxing and beautiful. I like to listen to them just before I go to bed, highly recommend!

Check out her YouTube here!

Happy Top Gun Day! Maybe if I watch again, Goose won’t die this time.

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