My Bucket List

Now for those who have never experienced the genius that is a movie starring both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (a.k.a. God), the Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.


The movie the Bucket List is the main reason that its popularity grew but it’s since been replicated in several movies and TV shows. My personal favourite is Broad City’s.


Most people’s bucket lists include things like skydiving, travelling the world and going scuba diving. Whether you complete your list or not it’s a good way to decide what you want or give you a new perspective on life. So, without further ado, my list!

  • Get a tattoo.


  • See the Northern Lights.


  • Adopt a dog.


  • Try absinthe.


  • Fly first class.


  • Go scuba diving.


  • Visit the Egyptian pyramids.


  • Go to Cuba.


  • Go to a drag queen karaoke bar.


  • Go to an all night movie festival.


These are all doable so stay tuned to see if I accomplish them! Let me know in the comments what’s on your bucket list, or the biggest bucket list item you’ve ticked off!

Happy National Homemade Soup Day! Throw tons of veggies in there and thank your lucky stars that January is finally over!

16 thoughts on “My Bucket List

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  1. Some great things there, and good GIFs too 😄 I think there’s a couple of things in your post I want to do too. I definitely want to see the Northern lights and go to Egypt. I think a lot of mine are travelling actually! I want to swim with sharks some time, not sure why as open water scares me but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Also visit Japan and America. I think I should probably add some more acheivable things on my list though.


  2. Great list😀just two small advise be careful with absinthe it can be very very strong,have sugar cubes handy.Dont get a tattoo in that part of your back is bloody painful😬


  3. Your GIF’s are LIFE. I like your list. I want to do almost all the things you mentioned. I have tattoos and I’ve flown first class. I’d love to travel the world. Backpack through Europe. Live in the country in a cabin along a river. I think my list is boring.


      1. I wish I could say I’ve lived a rich life! 😉 I have a peacock sleeve, I have an owl on my back, I have two birds on my collarbone, and an aperture on my wrist. I’ll be doing a post soon on my tattoos and will include photos! ❤


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