Future Brain Farts


(All picture credits go to Sarah Andersen)

Ok so for some reason (probably the ungodly amount of caffeine and sugar I’ve consumed today) I have a real fire in my belly today.

I want to get planning.

At this point I have more or less decided that I want to be a writer or publisher, and right now I’m leaning more towards writer.

I have had the stupid/wonderful idea of travelling for a big part of this summer, which will of course make it impossible for me to get a summer job.

I want to travel and write a blog about it, and possibly use the blog to make some money, not to mention it would look great on a CV. My big problem is that I said that I would start putting ads on this blog when I hit 50 followers, I am about 20 followers off that.

To make money by using ads on a blog, or to get a popular blog you need a following, and an angle. I think that travelling might just be mine. How I’ll do that, or if that will be successful remains to be seen so this could either be an epic experience or an epic disaster, or possibly both…

In other, more random news, I have started to write a novel. I’ve planned around the first 15 chapters and written 2. For some reason I find it quite soothing. I know it’s stupid and naive and bound to lead to disappointment, but I can’t help but have the romantic daydream of it getting publishing and doing semi-well, which is dangerous to think about, but the more I write, the more I want to keep writing, and the more I think I might actually finish this book.

This is all very exciting, but simultaneously I feel as if I am standing very still. I predict many late nights writing for 3 likes per blog in my future, but for some reason I can’t stop.

Is this my passion? My calling even? Or am I just fooling myself?


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  1. Go make that trip and write about it! Two years ago I was fed up with university and spend a month walking in Camino de Santiago (I’m from Spain) for over 900 kilometers. Best experience ever, I met a lot of pretty cool people from everywhere, learned a lot (specially about myself) and spent the whole day outdoors walking and visiting new places, I only regret not writing about it while doing it.


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