First Post (creative heading right?)

Hi- my name is Lucy, I’m 21, and I’m British (technically English-born with a Scottish accent- no Braveheart jokes please).

I’m a student preparing to embark on a summer with no job for the first time since I turned 16 – just to clarify that’s not by choice, it seems I need to gain skills; I’m beginning to learn that grade 2 recorder doesn’t look as impressive on a CV as I think it does.

So I thought what better way of trying something new, than doing the same thing as always; sitting inside on my laptop, contributing nothing to society, and voila! Here I am!

So if you like listening to the ramblings of a girl who has no idea what she’s doing, likes sitting inside a lot and still seems to get into extremely unusual situations, you are in the right place.

But first I should put a disclaimer: this is certainly not advice, unless you’re desperate to know how to mess up your twenties.

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