Why I hate being a Millennial

If you thought that my life was always fun, you didn't read my blog title. Now before I start my rant I should acknowledge that I am an extremely privileged person. My parents are reasonably wealthy, I had the best education that money can buy; I've never gone hungry, I've always had a roof over... Continue Reading →

Guilt Trip

Well- that's it! I've finished my exams, and gotten some actual REM sleep so my brain in fully functional; and between all the pre-celebratory gin and tonics (none of my friends are done yet so the big summer blowout will commence next week), I made room for a little bit of guilt. I'm a little... Continue Reading →

First Post (creative heading right?)

Hi- my name is Lucy, I'm 21, and I'm British (technically English-born with a Scottish accent- no Braveheart jokes please). I'm a student preparing to embark on a summer with no job for the first time since I turned 16 - just to clarify that's not by choice, it seems I need to gain skills;... Continue Reading →

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