Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Films

I love a good Christmas film! They just give you a lovely warm festive feeling.

Now without further ado, a list of my favourite Christmas films!

I watch the Grinch who Stole Christmas every Christmas eve and it just makes me so happy.

I grew up in a small town like Whoville that probably has its own Grinch just north of it… And I got a jury duty letter last week so I’m feeling very in tune with this movie right now.


It’s not Christmas until I’ve watched the Grinch at least four times. That Cindy-Lou is now in a punk band makes this film ten times better.


Scrooged is another favourite of mine; Bill Murray is hilarious, and the scene at the end makes me cry without fail every single time.


It’s possibly my mum’s favourite Christmas film (she can recite it word for word now).


And of course the Nightmare Before Christmas! I love a good gothic film, and I really like how different this movie is from any other Christmas film.


It helps that the soundtrack is amazing.


I have some qualms with Love Actually but it does give me a warm feeling at the end (although I could write an essay about what makes it problematic).


I mean Carl is a dick and Alan Rickman should never have cheated on his wife… that musical number at the end though.


And of course, The Holiday, my mum’s favourite Christmas film. I’m including a Jack Black gif just for her. Hi mum I know you read these!


Well Hello big dollop!


Now I know this next one isn’t strictly a film but I just had to include it.


The Royle Family: The New Sofa is my favourite Christmas special of any TV show ever, closely followed by my next choice.


It reminds me a little bit of my family, and whenever I go home at Chrismas we all watch it together. Plus it’s bloody funny!


Now last but not least the holiday episode of Friends with the Holiday Armadillo!


All anyone has to do is recite this line and I’m in stitches, classic Christmas fun.


Now I was going to put Die Hard in this collection but I don’t need a debate over whether it’s a Christmas film or not, so we’ll just end it here to avoid any heated debates in the comments!

Happy National Anti-Corruption Day! Donald Trump, I’m looking at you.

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